Wondering Librarian

I wonder about a lot of things and not just librarianship.  Curiosity has always been at the core of who I am.  Who, where, what, why, when, and how are questions that have always been on my mind.

Who thought up that idea?  Where can you find that? What exactly did you see or do?  Why do things work the way they do?  When did that event happen?  How do you do a specific task?

This wondering inspired me to go to college at the age of thirty-five but a continued lack of focus led me to an undergraduate degree in history, and finally to a graduate degree in library science.

And still I wonder.  Will this track lead me to where I want to go?  Because I don’t think that my questions will ever be answered.  I will graduate next year at the age of forty-five which will be a total of ten years on this educational journey.  Perhaps it is the journey itself and not what can be found at the end of it.  I do hope however, to find a meaningful career along the way.