Exercise – Kirkland’s Home Evaluation

The company I chose to evaluate is Kirkland’s which has a main company website kirklands.com and another website called mykirklands.com which is the website dedicated to Kirkland’s designers and fans who post photos and tips on decorating using Kirkland’s products.  Kirkland’s has a Facebook page and also a Twitter account.

Kirkland’s Twitter account stated that Kirkland’s has made twenty-five Tweets and has sixty-four followers.  Conducting a search of Kirkland’s on Twitter found Tweets of which only seven seemed to refer to the Kirkland’s I was interested in.  Most of the Tweets were positive towards the Kirkland’s brand and showed that the company and their home décor products have a strong following.  The only bad Tweet I found was not directed towards Kirkland’s but was rather about an act that had occurred between two customers at Kirkland’s.

Kirkland’s Facebook account is active and the company uses it to keep their customers up to date on sales, new store openings, and promotions.  Customers post regularly on the Kirkland’s wall and these posts consist of:  asking the company to open a store in their area; and posting pictures of how they decorated their home using Kirkland’s products.  There do seem to be a number of complaints about the fact that Kirkland’s free shipping only applies to purchases over $125.00; Kirkland’s does not address that concern on their wall and it is not possible to know if they contact the customers through other means.

I think that Kirkland’s has been successful in communicating with their customers through Twitter and Facebook.  Both accounts are updated regularly and the number of people who respond to these two media show that both sites are being visited.  The Kirkland’s main webpage promotes both their MyKirkland’s website and Facebook, but I could find no reference to Twitter so I am not sure how they are promoting their Twitter account.  In my opinion they should include that link on their website as well.

The website that seems to make the most contact with customers is the MyKirkland’s website which appears to be a large forum dedicated to decorating and decorating tips.

I conducted a search of Kirkland’s with Google Blogs and found information about Kirkland’s on a few blogs mostly relating to sales, store openings, and prize giveaways.  One example is the blog The IE Mommy.  I did find one blog that reported on Kirkland’s second quarter 2011 losses.   Using MoniterThis I found a variety of information related to Kirkland’s and this application seemed like a good one to use because it searched a variety of medias; I know I will use this in the future.


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