Deciding What Makes a Good Read

Looking at the five blogs I found that they are similar in that they all try to impart as much information as possible in a short amount of time.  The blogs are different in that they all have different styles in which they disseminate their information.

The blog, In the Library With the Lead Pipe, is a group blog and the style of the content is different depending upon who posts.   The posts tend to be long and the bloggers like to incorporate images from Flickr.

The Librarian’s Commute blog has one author and the posts are short for the most part and use a conversational tone, which kind of gives you the idea that you are looking at a day in the life of a librarian.

The Distant Librarian offers short blog posts which mainly refer to new technologies that are available and how those technologies are affecting people and libraries.

The Librarian by Day, blogs using a conversational tone and most of the posts are interested in new technologies, but takes this interest a bit further and discusses how this applies to the blogger’s life.

David Lee King seems to prefer writing about a variety of things and discuss technology, books, and people in the library profession.

The types of blog posts I generally find most appealing to read are ones that have a lot of white space on the screen, with smaller paragraphs that are easier to scan for content.  I prefer posts that have visuals and that are written in a conversational tone.  When it comes to content I like variety, so blogs that offer me variety are usually ones that I follow more faithfully.

I chose because the blogger writes in a conversational tone and her posts are easy to scan and have a variety of content.  Another thing that I like about her blog is that she has several links to other content which appeals to me because I like to explore and go off on other tangents; a lot of times this leads me to stuff I would not have found on my own.  She also includes a lot of visuals and videos to make the content interesting.

Tame the Web is a group blog which is great to read because it offers multiple viewpoints on multiple topics.  As this is from multiple writers it does mean that some of the posts are a bit longer than I might prefer but the appealing thing about this type of format is if there is one post that is not appealing to me, then the next one probably will be something I will enjoy more.

The Librarian in Black blog appealed to me because the manner in which the blogger writes is so personal she makes you want to read.  The posts can be a bit longer than usually holds my attention span but the content is interesting enough that I do not scan too much.  I appreciate that she does not talk only about librarianship but incorporates her other interests into the blog.

Based on the blogs that I have read I think that the main characteristic of a successful blog is that it must have interesting content displayed in such a way that makes the reader want to continue to read.


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