I am now a Twitt but not yet Twitterpated

You may chuckle at the title of this blog, or might even be offended if you are a Twitter fan, but nobody is laughing more than I am now.  As a fan of social networking in general I have looked at Twitter from time to time, but have never been tempted to join.  A random sampling of tweets had convinced me that tweeting was a silly diversion, filled with nonsense text bites that only served to tie people even more to their cell phones.

I began to see a practical purpose for Twitter two months ago when I began working at the library at my local community college.  The library sent out regular tweets letting people know information that was relevant to using the library, from a change in hours to the addition of computers in the study rooms.  These small direct sentences seemed to me to be a fast and efficient way of disseminating information.

Recently now, as I have begun to look at tweets from various librarians, I realize that if used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful tool for a library.  The key seems to be to tweet frequently and with engaging content.  While I see the benefits of Twitter I am still not in love with it.  Perhaps by the end of this semester I will have gained more of an appreciation.

On a more fun note I found that Twitter silliness can be…well…fun.    The following is a bit of Twitter Parody that I found on Mashable.

Twitter Parodies


2 thoughts on “I am now a Twitt but not yet Twitterpated

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Just a short note to say I appreciate how you title your posts: they’re informative, amusing, and catch my interest. Your blog posts feed into my Google Reader account with shorter blurbs than the other blogs of our classmates…perhaps that adds to the allure as well.

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