The Library Minute: Who says it can’t be fun

ASU Libraries video series “The Library Minute” is an example of how to create effective instructional and informational library videos.  Mentioned in a previous post, The Library Minute is one of many tools that the ASU library uses to provide information for their patrons.

One example of what ASU does so well is in the video, Library Minute: RefWorks.   The video is just under a minute, as many of their videos are, which is not that much of an investment of time.  Shorter videos may be more appealing particularly for students who have limited time and must balance school with their personal lives, and watching a library video may be low on their priority list.

The 58 second video on RefWorks begins with a very brief introduction that describes the citation software.  The video continues on with the benefits of using RefWorks for easily organizing citations, and for using whichever style format you need.  The video then shows the ASU Library RefWorks page and shows where on the page that the student can find more information on how to use the software.  The video also takes time in the short amount allotted to interject humor which makes the overall video viewing more enjoyable.

The only criticism of the video might be that the librarian presenting the video is a bit stilted in her dialogue but that actually helps to add to the charm of the video.

The main thing that works so well for The Library Minute is that the videos presents what could be dry information in a fun way.  This may not seem to be an important factor until you consider that it may make the person viewing the video more likely to look at more of the videos that the library produces.


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