The following is titled “Sharing” and is from one of my favorite comics, xkcd

Call me cheap (or maybe starving student) but I do like my free stuff and I really like my free technology.  Part of this probably comes from growing up in an environment where I did not own much but I was able to borrow a lot from my local public library.  Or I would exchange books with a select group of friends who enjoyed reading the same things that I did. Once I grew older and had my own money to spend I still liked to borrow from my local public library but this borrowing was used more as a method to try out new authors and genres, and those books that I enjoyed reading I would then buy at my local bookstore.

For libraries and librarians, navigating all of the technological products out there while trying to balance a cutting edge presence with cost must be challenging.  And for those librarians whose focus is on instruction, this is even more the case.  Integrating technology into training requires one to keep current with what is new and popular, while not ignoring that which already works.  New and popular familiarizes an instructor with what the learner might already be using, but also might help those learners who are unaware of a new tool they might benefit from.  On the other hand the instructor should not lose sight of what already works because that might be the best thing to use for a particular task.

One trend that I find fascinating is opencourseware which on the scale of free things ranks a 10+.

And for anybody interested in learning a new language


Booth, C.  (2011).  Reflective teaching, effective learning.  Chicago:  2011.  Kindle edition.


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