CPD23 Things…from the other side of the program

Thing 1

One of my classmates mentioned the CPD23 Things for Professional Development program on his recent blog post and I had to go and take a look.  I was interested because my class this present semester created an 8 things project and I thought it might be fun to participate on the other side of the process.

And I also thought this would be a good way to keep stretching my blogging muscles so that they don’t become flabby and weak.  🙂

So thank you for having me participate and I look forward to participating and blogging for the next 23 weeks.



5 thoughts on “CPD23 Things…from the other side of the program

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I was dropping by as part of the cpd23 thing 2 reading other peoples blogs, and even though yours looks awesome I got so distracted by reading that you liked Doctor Who that I went off to watch the last season on DVD and haven’t done quite as much reading of your posts as I intended. Ooops.
    I’m going to make up for it though, as the few of your posts I’ve read so far were really interesting.
    Best of luck with the 23 things.

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