Found again?

A funny thing happened on the way to attempting to write the blog post today, I reconnected with my creative writing muse who has been absent for this past decade.  I believe she was stifled at first by the living of life, and then by the research papers I’d written over the past few years in college.  Graduate school had killed her altogether, or so I thought, but to my delight she has resurfaced.  This is such a relief especially as I have been able to produce only a very little content for this blog lately.

I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. Even before I could write I made up stories in my head.  Before I was old enough to read myself to sleep with a book I was telling myself fantastic stories I would fall asleep to.

I wrote a lot in my first twenty years.  I didn’t care if it was good or bad, there was just something about putting words down on paper that was satisfying.  Watching the world in my head evolve in word fashion.  I attempted several novels but didn’t finish them.  I also wrote really horrible poetry, horrible because I kept on trying to force my words into what I thought a poem should look like.  I had more luck with the short story but wasn’t interested in that format because I wanted to be a novelist (even though I couldn’t finish a novel, go figure, right?).  The formula that goes into crafting a novel would begin to bore me and I rebelled against it.  Which is kind of amusing because I was forced to embrace the formula once I reached college.

So where does that leave me today?  I have learned to write the formula but I still despise it.  It feels so confining.  I want my words to go where they want to go.  So I turn to my blog which of course is the place for a person’s self indulgent words. The blog is a way to put ourselves out there with a message, whether that message might be something to inspire and call others to action, or simply a way of saying “I was here.”  That’s the wonderful power of the online world, the freedom it gives us to share a little piece of ourselves with numerous unknown others.  Of course it has its not so savory side but that’s like the rest of the world and life, isn’t it?

I’m going to start experimenting to get my creativeness going again.  As a consequence this blog will be going off track but I guess I’m not too worried about that.  I’m just hoping to reconnect with something I thought I had lost.


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