Arizona State University (ASU) Marketing Report

Online Marketing

The ASU Library has a robust online presence.  The main library page showcases some of their features in the lower right hand corner of the page.  Links to the library’s Facebook and twitter pages are located there, as well as links to more news and their Library Minute.  One link leads directly to a feedburner page where you can subscribe to the library’s news.

Not until following one of the news links is it apparent that the library uses other social software to market itself.  The library also utilizes YouTube, flickr, vimeo, and iTunes.  There is also a Myspace account for The Library at the Polytechnic campus of ASU.  Further searching found that the library also has a web blog.

Marketing Success

Rating the successfulness of ASU Library’s online presence finds that in terms of having a varied presence, the ASU Library is successful at marketing itself.

The ASU Library has three in house avenues for marketing its online presence. The first is the The Library Channel news events announcements which is the main news feed and is featured prominently on the library’s main page with a clear link to find content.   The second in house online presence is a separate news feed, equally visible, which features their video series, The Library Minute which is a series of videos dedicated to promoting library services.  The success of these two features seems probable considering both are updated regularly and are displayed prominently on the front page of the library’s website.  That the library also has a direct link on the front page that leads to a feedburner is another indication of their dedication to remaining in contact with the people who use the library.

The third of ASU’s in house marketing avenues is also a library blog called ASU Libraries Web blog, and unlike the two previously mentioned was not found prominently on the front page.  The Web blog was found from conducting a Google search for possible ASU Library blogs.  This content of this blog was mainly about e-resources so it could perhaps be meant for librarians and not for the general public.  If meant for the public then it should be more visible on the main page of the website.  This would not seem to be a very effective method of marketing the library’s e-resources.

The ASU Library uses several other social networking softwares to market the library.  The library’s Facebook page is updated regularly and also includes posts by friends of the library.  The Facebook page has 252 likes and there are 3 people talking about it.  There is one discussion that was created but it does not appear that anybody participated in it.  There are pictures included of the ASU Library’s subject librarians.  Considering that the library’s Facebook page is updated regularly and that other people make comments on the wall, this would seem to indicate that this is a successful venture.

ASU Library’s presence on MySpace appears to be absent and the only presence found there was The Library at the Polytechnic campus of ASU MySpace page.  The last activity on this website was two years ago and if there was any content on the page it has since been deleted, either that or it is required to be a friend to see content.

The twitter account in comparison to the Facebook account is much more vibrant.  The twitter feed is updated more regularly and there is different content than what was found on the Facebook page.  There were also posts that indicated that a librarian was answering student questions.  For example two posts read:


     @thisgirrlmegan We’re sorry about the slow connection. Can you tell us where

     you were in the building so we can report/track it? Thanks!

     29 Sep

ASULibraries ASU Libraries

@veryaimee I forwarded your info to the business librarians. Let us know if you

don’t hear back from them.

29 Sep

In terms of success, twitter is successful in not only disseminating information but more importantly they have created a dialogue with the people who use their library.

ASU Library’s YouTube, flickr, vimeo, and iTunes, while not featured on the library’s main page, are displayed prominently on the Library Channel newsfeed page.  The flickr account has current features and appears to be used regularly.  The three video sharing websites all feature the library’s Library Minute videos.

With the flickr account it is difficult to determine how often the pictures are viewed but considering how current the photos are and how often the website is updated it would seem to be good for marketing events at the library.

Looking at the YouTube viewing statistics it seems clear that this is a successful marketing tool.  The YouTube channel has 186 subscribers, the channel views are 16,658, and the total upload views 33,795.

With vimeo and iTunes it is less clear how many people view the videos but the fact that the library has dispersed their videos on so many different websites is a good indication of their dedication to promote the library.

The ASU Brand

ASU Library has built a strong and consistent brand online with their Library Channel and with their Library Minute.  They keep active in popular social medias, like Facebook and twitter, that their library patrons use.  By keeping active with multiple video streaming services the library ensures that its message can be seen in several different venues.  The ASU Library logo is consistent with the logo used for the university which further ensures its visibility.


The ASU Library’s online presence is good and it is difficult to find areas for improvement.  Instead they may want to go further with what they have already accomplished.  Perhaps they could feature an article about their twitter account on the front page to make more people aware of how they can utilize the feature.  They could also display the other social networking software that they use on the front page instead of on The Library Channel page.  The Facebook page could perhaps have more frequent content posted and reposted on it, similar to the way that twitter retweets posts.  If ASU Library continues to invest itself in new social software as they become popular than they should be able to continue to be successful in marketing themselves online.